Forward Motion & Your Inner Friend

We take note of what we see that causes or creates a negative stimuli and we circle our ideas in order to influence them in the opposite direction and – in turn – lose sight of our present consciousness. Find your flow through focusing on things you enjoy.

A good way to find your consciousness – or I sometimes refer to as your “flow motion” – is by creating or producing forward motion. Whether that being writing, taking notes, absorbing new material, cleaning, exercising, or even sharing and exchanging ideas, these can be healthy ways to stay in a state of motion. We can only think our way into a better mindset by actively pursuing our efforts.

Embrace ideas rather than passively or aggressively bashing yourself to find perspective shift. It’s very easy to get angry or frustrated at yourself for what you’ve done wrong or should have done, but that voice is a part of you that you can recognize.

Once you have recognized its presence you realize that it can be combated with your inner friend. Your inner friend has been with you all along if you can recognize it. Whether that was your stuffed animal as a baby – to the voice that said you’ll get the job – to the voice deep inside you today that says, “Listen, ____. You can do this. You got this. I believe in you.” If you haven’t heard this voice recently it’s because you let the anger override your friend.

Realize your friend has been the real you the whole time and it was always up to you to come to YOUR defense. Dust your feet off, count your blessings, and remember that you got your back when no one else does.


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