Up To You

Treat yourself like your best friend because you, ultimately, have to live with yourself at the end of the day. How would you treat someone who is worthy of greatness? It’s all a self-belief system setup by you. The common catchphrase is “my own worst enemy”, but it could very well be “my own best friend”. It’s your choice at every moment.

It’s not about pushing the gas but releasing the brakes. Things to let go of in order to win:

  • Pleasing others
  • Overthinking
  • Living in the past
  • Fearing change
  • Complaining
  • Blaming
  • Being entitled
  • Victimizing yourself

It’s good in a world that’s not so black & white to hold back from labeling everything (including yourself).  Things come as they do. To label anything would be to diminish the complexity. Life isn’t concrete, but fluid. It’s up to us how we perceive.

Find what you want to do, and go and do it. Don’t know how or how to get better? Google it. Youtube it. TRY… or stay in your comfort zone and give up. It’s on you. What will YOU do?

3 thoughts on “Up To You

  1. As a teenager, I would walk on past shops with Buddhas sat in windows, surrounded by coloured scarfs and candles and other, as mother would tut, ‘alternative’ ideas. Her way was the right way. Set in stone. She was my mother. Mothers were the Oracle.

    In recent years, and predominantly these last 12 months, I’ve discovered the ‘right’ way for me to look at life is not ‘her’ way, or my father’s way, or my husband’s way, or the way social media or television suggest I do, but MY way. What a revelation that has been. You know why? I didn’t appear to have my own identity.

    Through a personal journey, I know give myself the most positive gift I could. Not perfume or money or clothes. But time. To be me. I am so enjoying finding who that person is and with bloggers such as yourself to encourage me along my path, I am learning so much about myself. And its bloody brilliant.

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