Educate Yourself

When we begin to standardize education, it can become problematic for individuals finding their true usefulness. To think that we all learn the same things in the same way would be contradictory to an evolutionary standpoint on information. We all have different desires and ideas, which is what makes us so beautiful and unique. When we go by the idea that we should all be learning the same materials from the same people in the same fashion is preposterous. When we all focus on our own ideas and our own mentors, we BECOME teachers of unexplored ideas and it is up to us to collect and organize the information we are given.

Explore the pinnacle of your consciousness and share this with others. Never let anybody else’s standards or expectations of you become your own outlook on yourself. You should be your harshest critic and your best friend. If you aren’t doing well, don’t wait for someone else to tell you to do well. Look at yourself honestly and change.

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