Be A Positive Force

How would you feel if you died, came back as someone else and looked at yourself and your life? Is that the life that you would choose for yourself?

… Think about it….

Only you get to be you so might as well make yourself the best you that you can be. It’s all up to you. It’s all about you. It’s always been about you. That is why you are YOU. Do what’s best for your life.

If anyone else could be you, then there would be no point in there being a YOU. Therefore, your existence matters. Your decisions and choices matter. You, therefore, are not only YOU but a relationship with everything and everyone that you affect. Release your intention upon others, that which you have upon yourself; such as your belief that you would prefer positivity in your life. This is why you should be a positive force. Let others know how you feel. Spread understanding that allows for others to understand themselves, allowing you to understand how others go through similar things.

Treat everyone as if their life could have been yours. Only someone who receives and dwells on negativity would feel the entitlement to spread this. Your life and the ones around you rely on your self-awareness. Love yourself first, and the rest aligns.

Love plentifully and laugh shamelessly.

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