A Message To All Generations

Don’t imprison yourself to any man-made ideology. We glorify religions, people’s interpretations of happiness, and our educational systems as gateways to the life we want, disempowering ourselves from a true freedom of expression through untainted, unpolluted awareness. Your brain is immense and capable of a wide array of emotions, feelings, and compulsions. What’s amazing about the human brain is that it can access many things to store into an easy-to-reach compartment of things and ideas that we find important. We can then shove the extra stuff into a less accessible part of the brain to be accessed later if we can find the neural connections to be important again.

We humans crave novelty. We were not made to stare at the same screen, places, or things day in and day out. We are natural born explorers/adventurers built to survive. We were given everything in nature needed in order to live a fulfilling life encouraged by our curiosity of understanding. In the wild, stagnant meant death and decay. We were curious creatures of the land before we let our reliance on the system develop through our own disconnection from natural rewards and a stimulation shock from overpopulation and technology. This is the generation of wanting what we don’t have and idolizing those who HAVE (or so it seems) as we stride for our own future prosperity. (Note: not present prosperity)

I like to look at it as if we are bacteria on a ball of nature and we have an innate sense to flock toward other bacteria for our human desire to procreate.  People living on negative frequency levels find life to be difficult and lead mundane lives disempowered from their inner light chasing the desires set out by other men.  Our culture idolizes personality figures as pinnacles of being. Marketing is about using attention towards generating a consumer. The crazy thing about consciousness is that it is directly related to what we pay attention to. I believe that ego is the fallacy that we idealize of who we believe we are. When you’re overthinking your identity/ego, you’re essentially blocking out massive amounts of potential new data. The areas of your brain that are used for imaginative, creative, and/or positive awareness aspects of your brainshould be exercised like any other muscle or will begin to atrophy. When your ego feels at a crisis, it is because you feel unimportant and small but remember it’s only because you are thinking about small, unimportant things. It’s a defense mechanism your brain goes in to make you feel like you are in control of things you are not. Readdress what you pay attention to. I’m consistently amazed at what we can do when we give things full attention. It’s a strong force that takes over that won’t stop until it is accomplished. It’s your soul and spirit working together to make something true. It’s a higher power. Don’t get caught up in a consumer, have-not, victim mentality. It’s a means of mass control. It’s an understanding that people are able to be led, but the only thing missing is a voice to lead.

Most of what you see being sold in marketing ads, instagram, and other mainstream ad agencies are fake realities. Imagine Coca-Cola, for instance. I visualize an ice-cold polar bear drinking a Coca-Cola over a frozen bed of ice. When I really imagine what Coca-Cola is in my life, I think of the syrup containers I used to have to refill out of packaged boxes and place in the back of fountain spouts. It would spit out half black syrup and half soda water. It did not seem sanitary and the pipes were always sticky and gross. I also thought about how people are getting obese, drinking Big Gulps with over 100g of sugar, getting diabetes, and then going and blaming it on the fat from their red meat. Its people run by fallacy and ignorance, blindly following their fantasy of the good life through the Man.

All I am trying to say is that sometimes we are being sold ideas of things, rather than the actual things themselves. It has a filter. It is not real. This goes with all products marketed and with all of the personalities that we “celebrate”. People try to mimic what they see on the screens and that perpetuates the falsehood of others in this “fake it to make it” culture. People are selling their souls in the hope for the idea of fame and riches. Those who are aware of this primal desire in humans can use this to an advantage in sales. Online marketing can allow for people to create their own means of revenue, generate their own set of following/consumers, and create a niche market that may not have existed before. It allows us to pioneer, build, market, and share our creations/ideas and monetize them.

Addiction to technology and staying relevant seems to create an egocentric, superficial reliance of maintaining an online social presence. We get positive affirmations in the form of dopamine from knowing we’re getting positive attention. This adds to the pressure for people to brand themselves in their best way – blurring the lines of reality. Specifically, the algorithm Facebook uses highly promotes events of utmost importance such as: graduations, new jobs, relationships, customized ideas you enjoy, etc. This pattern of thinking seems to degrade from a present awareness with your actual environment around you and selectively targets your hierarchy of wants/needs. This messes with the circuitry of the reward system in the brain; specifically dopamine levels. Ego, denial, and addiction can lead to a life of ignorance and mundane pleasure, which is ultimately a choice you make to either nurture or neglect your relationship with the universe.

{The exposure to “highly idealized representations of peers on social media elicits feelings of envy and the distorted belief that others lead happier, more successful lives,” says the study. People that engage in activities of little meaning on social media makes them feel like they are wasting time.


I have been around people who create almost artificial personas that don’t match up to their actual self. When you are in person with them, its almost as if you know how they “want” to come off. This just cannot be healthy for full acceptance in yourself or of the present moment. There definitely seems to be a culture generated off of fake identities. People create the person they want to be and sell it. The whole world buys it and nobody can tell what was ever real at that point. I just worry that people around me or my kids will have to be corrupted by fake identities that are placed on a pedestal that do not stand for anything positive. It seems as though some of the most narcissistic personalities end up having the largest followings. These followings create influence, which, in turn, develop a tribal sort of mentality that acts as a gateway to shared trends and popularity contests. Competition is not a good place to be in. Compete with yourself and no mere mortal. Comparing with average people will stroke your ego, but if you do not want to settle or be average, you need to dominate at a higher vibration. People’s attentions tune into the same frequencies and people find complacency. This leads us to where we are in society today; a huge lack of role models that are brave enough to be encouraging, strong, caring, and inspiring.

Technology and overpopulation have occurred so exponentially in the last 20 years that the world is quickly transforming. New levels of consciousness and a fast spread of information seems to have caused an overstimulation shock. While the access to information increases, the amount of access to mundane distractions increase accordingly. The accessibility to large numbers of people is way beyond that which you could reach before the access to internet became so consistent. There are certain people who have figured out how to utilize the wants and desires of human consciousness to their benefit. This can come in many forms. It’s a way to control people and, with the right approach, could be used as an understanding to rethink and change the way you direct your own life. Sometimes we don’t even realize all of the rules and regulations we set in our head of what we can do, the capability we possess to overcome, and the potential we have from within of what we believe is possible. Never underestimate yourself. You can do anything you put your mind to. When you realize that the key to your destiny (aka answer to everything you need) is within you, then you can start to delve into the depths of your soul to wake up the drowsiness in your consciousness.

I have been doing a lot of soul searching over the past few years with psychedelics and a passionate curiosity of the human body. I learned a lot about the digestion of nutrients, vitamins, and experimented heavily with variations of macronutrients. I learned what works best for me and this allowed me to create a strive towards the healthiest, happiest, most vibrant me that I could find. Little did I know that my tiredness, acne breakouts, anxiety, and overall feeling of inadequacy was due, mostly, to my lack of knowledge of the human mind in attachment with the foods and lifestyle habits I was choosing day after day.

My brother graduated from UC Davis with a PyschoBio major with an emphasis on fitness and exercise. He was the pioneer to our social group to a strong curiosity toward finding foods that allowed us to peak our existence and gut bacteria. It seemed as if Thomas was willing to answering the questions nobody else wanted to dive into. He was a teacher and mentor to everyone around him on his research on molecular biology and the physical and mental effects of nutrition. He soaked up knowledge and applied it directly to his life. He stopped eating carbs and sugar completely. He started out many variations that led him to the ketogenic diet, but we definitely began to see it as a rule of thumb with everybody having massive results almost immediately. Thomas experiments with everything. Currently he eats only raw meats, raw milk and cheese, superfoods, grass fed, unpasteurized butter, and grass-fed foods. He has high levels of scientific knowledge of vitamins and the elements in the body with case studies and literature to back his claims. He is catching onto breakthrough science that the modern world wasn’t ready for. People cringe when they see someone eating raw meat or a biting into a big stick of butter. He’s refreshingly different with science to back it up. He is hungry for the truth and open to new research.

There’s just too many lies and ulterior motives in the economy and spread of information that harms corporations in revealing harmful aspects of a product being sold. The food industry is just the tip of the iceberg of a system set in place to use you as a part in the machine. We are guided through our life experience just getting sucked dry of resources, time, and energy. Selective information gets passed along low-vibrational thinkers. Some of the main industries fueled by money and corporate greed: Pharmaceutical, Food, Laws, Judicial, (The gvmt.) etc. It takes rational, open-minded, intelligent people to question the status quo and stand up for truth.

We need to let go of our ideas about God. EVERYTHING must be questioned. Let go of the mental prisons you hold in your brain set by the fear and lies fed by the media and mainstream education. You should never strive to be in a place where you won’t be striving anymore. That is a sign that you should question what you’re striving for and why. Some people are okay with a simplistic life and we need people like that in society. As long as a person is happy and spreading good, then riches very well is just a state of mind. Envy and desire are inevitable, but can be a good thing. Being able to create order and the courage to take forward action will create abundance; with abundance comes the power to influence. As a human, we can look at ourselves from a biological standpoint and see that we take high amounts of resources and turn it into filth. We need to each collectively think about how much resources and energy we take up, then we can learn how to harness our own energy in a way that can project positively back into the world. Matter can’t be created or destroyed. We are simply building blocks of the universe. We are nature.

What type of growth are you?

I’m a warrior seasoned to endure hopelessness in order to spread hope. I will protect my beliefs and my pack at all costs. I stand for positivity, love, and oneness. I stand for mental and physical liberation and a deep gratitude toward the universe for everything that I am and experience.

Consciousness and mental liberation is free. We humans have an ability to spread an unlimited amount of positive energy and the ability only runs out when our inner light ceases. This means we have a duty while we are still alive to create a world that we would like to live in and continue living in. We all radiate light, but we let our limiting beliefs dim our own light so often that we find it socially accepted to dim others too. Don’t let this happen. Shine unapologetically in a calling to bring light to the dim. It is a good thing to be able to play by the rules and to set a code of ethics with those around you, but it is not our duty to spread fear to live in a specific way. We have been trained by society to suppress each others ideas and accept that you don’t know much. These ideologies may be necessary if we’re dealing with masses of people, which is probably why we all tend to hear the same narrative. It’s a positive trait to be able to accept that you could always be wrong, and it’s even better when the hunger for the truth is strong.

When you become a rational intellectual who understands the capability of being wrong and a desire to be good, you come to find out that the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. This world is missing a voice and that voice is inside you. It is inside your desire to let go of everything you think you know and a willingness to be proved wrong in your pursuit of what’s right. They say ignorance is bliss but it couldn’t be more the opposite. Your soul craves illumination. Your soul clings to finding your true wants and purposes and the crazy thing is that it was always up to you to ask yourself what you want. You need to become your counselor, your teacher, your parent, and your best friend. It’s time to let go of the know-it-all attitude and remember to be a student of this life until it’s over. Be ready to learn anything regardless of how it makes you feel. This openness to truth is what I find to be God.

When you let go of all the egocentric “me-made” ideologies of what has to be true and see things from a non-judgmental, pure consciousness, you will find that your version of consciousness has such a minuscule perspective. It’s so limited – in fact – that our ability to be able to put yourself in someone else’s body/perspective is only limited to your ability to imagine. At this very moment your grasp of consciousness is only as broad as whatever you may be reading or that thought that gets you side-tracked. This is where your true power lies – your ability to pay attention to whatever you want to. This is your freedom from God to choose and fulfill your own destiny and it starts with the consciousness leading the body as a vehicle.

I believe it is our duty – in order to live our best lives – to figure out ways to access the highest amount of consciousness and brain retention possible. This is the pinnacle of our existence, we just keep learning until we eventually don’t matter. We want more vision, intelligence, and to feel more connected to everything because that is where we ultimately come from and will end up. EVERYTHING. ONENESS. Beginning and the end. It’s as if your life is on a time loop sliding through the space continuum and pure awareness could rip the autopilot into your choice of mind state, focus, attention, consciousness, and the existence you choose.

It takes experiences of leaving large cities and engulfing yourself in peaceful, untouched nature environments to understand the congestion and filth we humans create from crowding in small spaces. I feel that consciousness is God and that we feel a subconscious pull vicariously as humans to further our species. We have a responsibility to stand for what we believe in while we are alive. We are super bacteria knowing that we are overpopulated and run by a subconscious fear of the fact that we are taking up too many resources and it triggers a self-hatred that suppresses consciousness from self-actualization the way it was intended in nature. We are intended to reach full consciousness.

Naturally, when we become too congested with people, we begin to dehumanize and suppress the humanity in the individual. It makes it easy to feel like nothing in the middle of everything, but the bright few will shine through the darkest of territories valiantly. Overpopulation creates competition in a dog-eat-dog mentality for resources.  It creates the move over or get trampled mentality compared to a community that looks out for each other with a pick up and motivate mentality. It makes it easy for the individual to feel unheard and unimportant as they search for identity in a plethora of humans. Stay confident and ready to take action, but at peace from the inside. Courage is the ability to face your fear. The more you endure, the more you realize you can go through anything and the less likely you are to crumble when the time comes to take action. The lack of endurance creates a deficit of self-reliance. Symptoms manifest themselves as anxiety, depression, and other disorders that our industries have agreed upon as a social construct for the feeling of inadequacy or negative directed attention. These labels then lead us to doctors, drugs, and other systematic exploitation that give power to the greedy corporations. If it’s Goliath, then I’m David because I want to take this down.

As Bob Marley quoted…

“Herb… herb is a plant, you know? All them say is, ‘it make you rebel’. Against what?”

It is as if the Bible and all of these religions were pointing us to ultimate truths, but mostly used by the hand-of-man to maintain order and power as a social hierarchy. They do not want you to find the truth yourself. They want you coming back to tithe your money so they can use your vulnerability as profit. There’s a story in the Bible about a church selling tickets to Heaven and Jesus was so angry that he started flipping the tables and was angry that these frauds were using church for profit rather than finding God. Classic greed in human behavior. Humans profiting off marketing immortality or happiness in the form of products and idolatry. Your relationship with oneness and consciousness costs nothing. The Bible stories were describing human behavior and the way we define God off of other men’s ideology. Many churches to this day still preach, “You’re either saved or you’re going to hell”.

The capacity humans have to validate there own behavior is ridiculous, which is why there needs to be a voice that questions it all. I don’t want to live by someone else’s instilled fear. We aren’t born to live by fear or rigid oppressive indoctrination. The only thing we should fear is living in fear. We should fear having our lives be controlled by a false sense of victimhood to our environments. The day we become aware of the lies and the falsehoods sold to us on how to be happy is the day we begin to learn our true purpose. Life is not meant to be dulled. Learn what you can on becoming the best you physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. That’s life. Spirituality is the harmony of the way it all works together.

It is as if we are mold on a big rock and know that we subconsciously want to fertilize and kill every resource around us in order for the Earth to make it to its next metamorphosis. Truth is all relative. We can argue all week, but, in the end, what does it matter? It’s not even matter. Words are only a social construct we use to express abstract ideas and subjects that are collectively agreed upon. It’s up to us how we fit those words together in creating new ideas that inspire an expansion of human consciousness. It’s up to us to be the light in the dark. Everything religion has been trying to teach you has been within you all along. It’s right in front of you. Live life brightly. Be self-aware but don’t live in fear. Understand your mortality and let go of limiting beliefs in order to manifest the beauty of the present. The beauty in the present is all we have – or will ever have – so its up to us to surround ourselves with the right environment: people that will challenge you, things that will help you grow, new places to experience, exploring diverse vibrations and frequencies. Create a present worth being proud of.



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