Define God

Never live by another man’s ideals. Live by what guides you.

I never claim to be religious, but there is something I do know. I know there is something that’s higher than the realm of our comprehension as humans that continuously communicates with us directly on a subconscious and conscious level. There is a spiritual light that flows deep from within us that pushes us to see, feel, question, and understand the world around us.

Your soul is the part of you that is the TRUE you. We may have eyes to see, a body to move, clothes to conceal our true forms, and various friends and environments we grow with, but it is the pure awareness from within that drives our spirit to roam. We live in a spiritual world. Separate yourself from usual patterns/perspectives of seeing bodies with clothes or dazzled by artificial beauty. Appreciate genuine, positive intent and hold it in the highest regard. The world is not just a 3D model of shapes and generated textures.  Life is a deeply embedded, unfolding code that is generated continuously throughout space and time. Life is so complex that no matter how close we get to looking at things or how great our machines can get, we still are limited in our ability to view life in its smallest form – and just as life seems to scale down to infinity, it also propels in scales unfathomable to our idea of size perspective and our place in the universe. We are specks of dust in comparison to infinite space. We somehow birthed out of this brilliant crafting of space, time, and particles to form our energy that drives our souls. This must be where our vibration resonates from.

The more I know, the more I realize I know nothing.’ – Socrates

Our soul floats as its origin drives from the middle of the brain. (It’s believed to be the pineal gland or the center of the brain) The souls plane of existence transcends material texture and the physical realm through our ability to feel/assess moment to moment. Our behavior patterns shape our thoughts, which ultimately, create the life we choose. We are an expression of the pieces of life that embody us. I refer to the universe and the knowledge that we seek as “God”, and through this I create a relationship with the universe and I can respect the universe as it faces me with questions. The answers I seek are the purposes I have for being here. I have the ability to question myself and the world around me in order to change it, and for that, I am thankful.

The universe teaches in many ways – and simply by taking part in this dance of life – we are subject to the experience it hands us. We can’t grow if there is no opposition. We must learn to face that which we do not understand and embrace it as if our life depends on it – because it does. I am careful to label God or the universe definitively, but I make speculations that remain strong through experience-to-experience. God is constantly testing and pushing us to grow and know more. Evil is the force that drains us of energy and creates parasitic behavior. Good and evil have a very blurry line but I know a few things:

God transcends human limitation. 

God seeks to understand and teaches you how to understand. God is a communication between your soul and the universe. God is humbling, brutal, but righteous. God is truth. God is power. God is… you

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