No Sugar Coating

Your life is a sum total of what you do. You think growing up is about “thinking it out day by day” until you reach a pinnacle feeling of thought and its NOT! 

You will never feel the comfort you so deeply desire for longer than the time it takes to realize that it has already happened. Therefore, you will always desire. Listen and observe your desires. Stop sitting on your ass and waiting for it. It is a harsh truth, but one when accepted can open the doors to accepting and wielding true reality. It’s time to take the actions necessary. Thought is only useful in terms of what you DO with that thought. Thoughts are momentary rigid projections of an abstract world. Thoughts translate to action, which fail or succeed, internalizing into wisdom. Wisdom comes from experience and trust in yourself to handle all environments. Go out and do what you know you need to be doing. Be humble not haughty; Nobody is perfect and the world can be vicious, but live by principles and don’t be afraid to fail in order to find them. The best lessons never come the easiest.

This life is not about you, but your surroundings. We are blessed with the beauty of free will in absolute abundance. Therefore, we have the ability to create our personal reality through manipulation of our sensory environment. Furthermore, it is our duty and obligation to create a species willing to bring people together to feel belonged and respected. Life is about the fellow mans’ prosperity and the unity of evolution as a species. Everything else is fantasy land! The bank of ideas that could be, will be, or won’t be! Thoughtville! Your personal town of inspiration in your head! This world is your playground, but it is your responsibility to either lead a movement or function as a member of the people in the real world to reap the benefits.

We all give our own definitions of what life we feel is the most worthy and rationalize our own behaviors constantly… But what if we asked ourselves more often what the ideal me is and began to take critical steps to get there. Respect is earned through mutual understanding. We must honor and respect our own principles as to anchor our stance, but must be willing to learn from behaviors that have benefits we do not possess. We must have no tolerance for selfish behavior (in ourselves and others). It is imperative to come to a mutual agreement upon that which is necessary to thrive as a collection of individuals. With this understanding, we influence not only our own life, but the ones around us, positively.

We must provide for ourselves so as not to burden those that do provide for their own weight in responsibility.  Therefore, we also have a duty to keep our loved ones and those around us from parasitic behavior or anything else parasitic for that matter. Assess the parasitic behavior until recognized and an understanding is created to reduce. Continue until group efforts are all on par and above. I believe we are driven by social behavior and over time can learn to adopt successful principles of those around us. Life sometimes sucks. Deal with it. Get over it. Make it better. It is how we deal with the tough times that shows us who we really are. There is no courage without fear. It is the conquering of your fear that makes you powerful. I once heard a quote that said, “if you feel like you’re in hell, keep going.” I’m sure most of you can relate to that feeling. This is for all those who have ever felt the lowest of the lows and made it out. Keep moving forward. Your will to live is enough.

Love, Jake

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