We Are Characters Fulfilling A Role

In a way, life is like a video game. We play video games to start an adventure into a world or quest that we’ve never embarked. We play the game until we realize, oh this is just a simulation and the reality begins to dull as we learn the sequences and patterns of the game. We start to realize that the programming is more so a walkthrough of a computers processes rather than computerized proactive intelligence, and however much programming is involved, is as deep as the complexity it takes to solve. It is an enjoyable process and for those who play these games long enough show and demonstrate the human’s capability to adapt to and master any situation given enough experience and interest.

In a way, it is much like our own lives; in that we are simply characters fulfilling a role. As with everyone else around us, it seems that we start to understand that everybody plays a role in our lives, and we begin to see patterns of behaviors and ideas. This is why we know that talking to one person about one thing will give a completely different impression than saying it to another person.

We make decisions with the words we speak into existence. We take in the different messages and process our own role. We expect different reactions/actions to vary from person to person. Not everyone is pleased in the same way, mentally and emotionally. Different words and different sounds come off differently from person to person. It demonstrates the power of our energy and shows that it is less about a general comprehension of wordplay or ideology as more to a passing of vibrational frequencies between conscious beings.

Are we harmonious? It is this conflict with ourselves and the outside world that is our conflict to solve and our duty to become the heros of our own lives.We are faced with tasks and goals, but unlike a simple video game, there are no starts or stops or mission destinations. There is the entire world around you and you’re stuck in POV – and the clock is ticking. It makes sense to why people love watching movies with conflict/resolution and playing video games with hardship to victory. It’s easier to experience than reaping the rewards of our OWN life. It’s not easy to always live with the idea that the clock is ticking and accept our mortality. It’s fun to watch an actor go through the motions or control a character to do things. This being said, we must study our own lives – and seek daily – to learn the patterns it takes to achieve  our own life’s success.

We all have an idea of the people who have it “all figured out” but who are they? Can we truly listen and learn from them? It helps to listen to those who live prosperous, and fulfilling lives. It seems to be fewer and far-between. When we find genuine positivity, people who own their own lives, and are proud of who they are, we must respect that and nurture the behavior to learn this wisdom. Respect is really earned by seeing positive qualities that are admirable. True admiration molds character and we truly mimic the behaviors that we resonate with.

In a sense, we became who we are because we mimicked since birth. Mother said “Ma-Ma”, baby said “Ma-Ma”. Monkey see, monkey do. We are a product of what we admire. It is a shame to see fake people in politics, fake people on social media, fake marriages, and false prophets but that’s a product of greed, selfishness, and exploitation of human desire. We all strive for a world more positive, authentic, and one that allows us to truly live and connect with each other rightfully, but the darker aspects of human behavior seemed to have created forces against that. I think the biggest thing we all crave is acceptance and love. I know – love is a funny word. To me, it means “our ideal sense of peace with a true connection”. This is why we can love ourselves, and must, in order to love others. We don’t want to feel pushed away, neglected, disappointed, sad, guilty, etc.. We want to feel alive and free from emotional and spiritual negativity.

This is why it’s up to you to treat yourself like you are something worth loving in the first place. Treat yourself like you love you. You see trash all around you? Be the one that cleans it up. You see people being mean, hurtful, and judgmental? Don’t stand for it and live by principles that others can admire. Love that you love what you do – and keep doing more of that! It keeps coming back like a spiral of goodness. Love yourself so you don’t spread more hate. We already have enough. We can change this world by fixing first ourselves. Then we can fix the ones that surround us and branch off from there. Freedom is really living with an attitude of I can. Because you can. What can’t you do? Take life’s pain like the champion you are and move forward toward resolution. Do it for your family, for the ones you love, and for yourself. We all have access and the ability to affect many, but it all starts with you fixing you.

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