Intelligence is Anti-ego

Smart people don’t need to feel smarter than people.

Smart people want others empowered to share ideas that broaden and expand perception.

Smart people don’t have to be right, but HAVE to find the truth.

Intelligence is relative to your openness to unexplored ideas. That which you don’t know could be enlightened by your recognition of that.

Don’t let your ego get involved with your search for understanding.

Up To You

Treat yourself like your best friend because you, ultimately, have to live with yourself at the end of the day. How would you treat someone who is worthy of greatness? It’s all a self-belief system setup by you. The common catchphrase is “my own worst enemy”, but it could very well be “my own best friend”. It’s your choice at every moment.

It’s not about pushing the gas but releasing the brakes. Things to let go of in order to win:

  • Pleasing others
  • Overthinking
  • Living in the past
  • Fearing change
  • Complaining
  • Blaming
  • Being entitled
  • Victimizing yourself

It’s good in a world that’s not so black & white to hold back from labeling everything (including yourself).  Things come as they do. To label anything would be to diminish the complexity. Life isn’t concrete, but fluid. It’s up to us how we perceive.

Find what you want to do, and go and do it. Don’t know how or how to get better? Google it. Youtube it. TRY… or stay in your comfort zone and give up. It’s on you. What will YOU do?

Embracing or Escaping – Life & Light

There’s one big thing I believe in, and that’s that we have light within us. We appreciate light when we see it and understand that light within us is our potential for good. It’s simply the expression of our soul that is innately instilled within the compounds of our existence. We have one life in the bodies that we were selected to inhabit and we, ultimately, choose what that looks like and is.

We either can EMBRACE life OR we can shy away from our greatness and attempt to ESCAPE life. If you ESCAPE life,  there must be something you are not EMBRACING. What is your life purpose? Has that been fulfilled? Whats next? What do you want to do to leave a legacy here on this earth before your light ceases? What knowledge do you know that you wish you could help everybody understand? Ask yourself this constantly and your flow motion will remain stable.

We live in a day and age where everything is available to us and the internet is the new haven for information. The name of the game is understanding patterns in technology and where attention lies. In turn, we are free to be a voice to the millions of people using internet spreading whatever message we choose. CREATE AND INSPIRE.

Strive For Better

Constant improvement is necessary for a sustainable level of contentment. I believe that we should be reaping the rewards of yesterday as we continue to strive for reaping the rewards of tomorrow. The better we get at being able to prepare for our future satisfaction, the more long-term our contentment will be. Look out for your future self by not taking the easy route today.

Forward Motion & Your Inner Friend

We take note of what we see that causes or creates a negative stimuli and we circle our ideas in order to influence them in the opposite direction and – in turn – lose sight of our present consciousness. Find your flow through focusing on things you enjoy.

A good way to find your consciousness – or I sometimes refer to as your “flow motion” – is by creating or producing forward motion. Whether that being writing, taking notes, absorbing new material, cleaning, exercising, or even sharing and exchanging ideas, these can be healthy ways to stay in a state of motion. We can only think our way into a better mindset by actively pursuing our efforts.

Embrace ideas rather than passively or aggressively bashing yourself to find perspective shift. It’s very easy to get angry or frustrated at yourself for what you’ve done wrong or should have done, but that voice is a part of you that you can recognize.

Once you have recognized its presence you realize that it can be combated with your inner friend. Your inner friend has been with you all along if you can recognize it. Whether that was your stuffed animal as a baby – to the voice that said you’ll get the job – to the voice deep inside you today that says, “Listen, ____. You can do this. You got this. I believe in you.” If you haven’t heard this voice recently it’s because you let the anger override your friend.

Realize your friend has been the real you the whole time and it was always up to you to come to YOUR defense. Dust your feet off, count your blessings, and remember that you got your back when no one else does.


Empower Your Light

Anxiety is born when wanting to escape reality of the present moment. Find ways to enjoy the reality of yourself. Face yourself honestly. Fitness can change not only your self-esteem, but your ego. It can allow you to freely express your presence in an honest way. Knowing what you can do in the physical realm allows for honest self-assessment. The need to regenerate is our most primal desire as a form. We want to feel like we are becoming stronger in all areas of life and exuding good energy allows for a better relationship with yourself and the environment around you. Our inner light and determination manifests when we are inputting good and outputting good while allowing rest and positive directed perspective. It is the piece of life that allows our body to find wholeness. As a human, we will constantly strive for something better and create ideas of what we want. This allows us to achieve our dreams and create the life that we want. Our anxiety and pressure that we feel is part of our primal desire to be an innovator. To be able to use thoughts intelligently can create your own reality. I believe that we are all made from light. You can either use it or dim it. Empower your light. Don’t subscribe to any ideology but your own.

Awaken the Truth

Truth is found when every perspective collides. That’s why when you take a serious interest in others you understand the complexity of those around you; allowing a sense of empathy that can open up emotional invocation of love, empathy, and understanding. This allows us to not feel alone, which is necessary in a world full of untapped human potential.

We are continuously being separated from human-to-human interaction. Look around you and try to find someones eyes. Smile. Not just with your mouth but with your eyes and spirit. What do you see? Fear? Surprise? Appreciation? Trouble? Now, instead of thinking about who’s going to text you next or how so-and-so feels or what a million of random other people on the bullshit digital screen are doing with their lives, gather awareness of your environment.

Who’s around? How are they feeling? How can I project a better vibe into this environment? Am I letting my own emotional baggage affect the way I treat my surroundings?

The complexity of our ego that we create distracts us from reaching our full potential. Located within our brain, we have wiring that allows us to be in states of minds that we can choose from. The thing that’s hard is where our attention and focus is going to be directed. This is the main cause of ANXIETY. People have played around with this word in many ways but it’s simply a way to label the disorder of negative directed attention. What makes it worse is that the pharmaceutical industry uses our fears to treat us like slaves who don’t understand what is going on with our bodies. America is the only country to legally advertise prescription drugs on TV. People run to the doctor for everything.

BUT hold on. It’s all OKIE-DOKIE because the “trusty” FDA (who we some reason trust) did one or two tests out of HOWEVER MANY INFINITE TESTS that shows it might help relieve symptoms despite ALL of the new issues it causes. That’s what’s so messed up about it. The symptoms that these drugs create are much worse than the symptoms that are trying to be treated. Notice the word “treated”, it is never a “cure”. AGAIN, get the FUCK out of the doctor and just re-evaluate your daily habits.

Realize that the corporations that tell us how to be and live are no smarter than us and are not offering an intellect backed by any moral ethics. They are seeking money and resources to continue receiving financing. Modern public relations allow new business perspective that allows us to see what consumers ultimately want and to be able to give it to them. This can be good if directed towards a positive impact. However, greedy corporations have turned human desire into a money hungry machine that can only function as long as the negative consequences are not exposed by the general public.

The marketing and economic teams working for public relations push products that are knowingly harmful to the public. It’s simply survival economics and pushing profits. They create a product or service and must simply adapt to the consensus of how well it goes. What’s alarming is that many products are knowingly causing cancer, obesity issues, etc.

Example: cigarettes, wheat & other grains that are overproduced, breads, cereal, preservative non-perishable food that is dead, RIDICULOUSLY HIGH sugar in everything – fruit juices, coffees, milkshakes, boba, cereal, GMO-infused sugars in FRUIT (to add color, vibrancy and size), protein shakes, “vitamins” & “vitamin” waters, soda, candy.

Basically all I’m trying to say is to stay aware of the stimulation and frequencies that you surround yourself with. WATCH YOUR INFLUENCES. Be a positive influence to everyone you meet. Don’t do it for the followers, don’t do it for the attention, do it because it feels great to connect, smile, spread positivity, and create TRUE soul responses. Connection is the bond that will wake our souls into a state of realization of potential. Don’t be dumbified. In the present moment, you are the pinnacle and peak of your consciousness as your life structure continuously evolves and regenerates to allow your present existence. Accessing consciousness can allow the present state of mind to TRUTH.

Wake your soul. Wake souls around you.